Bringing tea back to the limelight

We serve a range of matcha, superfood lattes, and cold brew iced teas, all paired with natural, healthy, and plant-based ingredients. 

Hello and welcome to KAYTEA, a beverage startup!

Kevin, our founder, and his buddies spent months crafting all sorts of tea blends to discover the most delicious of them all, so that you can skip straight to the good bit: drinking nothing but the best of the best of tea! 

Stone-milled fine powder at low temp, preserving all the flavours and health benefits of the whole leaf. 

Latte blends with natural ingredients like spices, dried fruit and vegetable powders. 

A range of premium loose leaf teas, ethically sourced and hand-blended in the UK. 

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Our selection of bestselling matcha and teas. Free shipping to the UK.

Premium ingredients

We only use the best natural ingredients – never artificial sweeteners or extracts. All our blends are vegan (so also dairy-free)!

Innovative Blends

We crafted our blends with complementary ingredients to create pairings that elevate the flavour, aroma, and health properties.

Crafted in London

As a British brand, we appreciate our heritage. Our teas our ethically sourced globally and hand-blended in the UK.

Our products


Our vision is to make tea fun and exciting; we bring together complementary flavours for an indulgent experience that won’t compromise your health. 


Cape Town


Fruity blend of rooibos & peach.


Breakfast tea with a hint of honey.


Taipei 101


Fragrant milk oolong (dairy-free).

Loose Leaf Tea

Afternoon in Stockholm


Luscious black tea with floral & citrus tones.


Herbal blend of lavender and chamomile.


Konichiwa (Genmaicha)


Sencha green tea & roasted rice.




A fragrant and well-balanced fruit tea.


Earl Grey with caramel and vanilla flavours.

Iced Tea

Buddha Brew


A delicate blend of jasmine, green, and white teas.


Aromatic and spiced herbal concoction.

Iced Tea



Refreshing & well-balanced mint blend.

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Aromatic tones of jasmine blossoms. Suitable for lattes, smoothies, ice creams, and baked goods.


Fruity with a hint of cinnamon. Rich in antioxidants & caffeine-free.


Lightly roasted with notes of chestnut and caramel. Low caffeine.


Delicate blend of green tea and tropical fruits.

Afternoon in Stockholm

This is my favourite black tea blend – filled with hints of tropical fruits and flowers, best enjoyed with a dash of milk. The aroma of this tea is so delightful!
Matcha & Lemon (Ceremonial Grade)​

The best matcha I’ve ever had! The lemon peel creates a light citrus and refreshing taste – no bitterness or grassiness. Amazing in a latte or on its own!

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