Bringing tea to the limelight!

Artisan tea, matcha, superfood latte, and cold brew ice tea.

Welcome to KAYTEA!

We blend healthy teas that taste good & indulgent ice teas that won't compromise your wellness, using only wholesome ingredients.

Premium & Natural Ingredients

We only use natural, plant-based ingredients – nothing artificial.

Thoughtfully Blended Flavours

Paired with complementary botanicals to create exciting yet balanced profiles.

Crafted in Small Batches

Ethically sourced globally and hand-blended in the UK.

Stone-ground matcha powders. 

Plant-based latte blends.

Hand-blended, artisan teas.

Cold-infused, craft iced teas.

A New Age of Tea

We’re tired of seeing the same flavours over and over again. Dark builder’s tea or sweet iced tea? Thank you, next… 

Through innovation and a deep appreciation for delicate flavour pairings, we’ve created exciting yet balanced flavours that let every ingredient shine on its own. Although we value traditions and single-origin blends, bringing together complementary ingredients (and people) from all corners of the world is our passion. 

Experience a new palate for tea. Join us in the journey of creating a fusion that will redefine authenticity, for a new generation!

Afternoon in Stockholm

This is my favourite black tea blend – filled with hints of tropical fruits and flowers, best enjoyed with a dash of milk. The aroma of this tea is so delightful!
Matcha & Lemon (Ceremonial Grade)​

The best matcha I’ve ever had! The lemon peel creates a light citrus and refreshing taste – no bitterness or grassiness. Amazing in a latte or on its own!

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