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Delicious tea

Excellent quality and very delicious tea. Unique flavor, I definitely became a huge fan. Thank you !

Absolute must have

A favourite in my family and helps calm an upset stomach


Kaytea's White Chocolate tastes so decadent, whilst being pleasingly natural. It makes for a really comforting drink. I haven't succumbed to adding whipped cream yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

Hot and spicy!

Kaytea's Spiced Vanilla Chai has quite a kick, perfect for warming me up after a frosty winter run. It's easy to blend the powder and heat the milk simultaneously using a milk frother. Don't expect the powder to dissolve completely, there will be some graininess at the bottom of your mug, just give it a quick stir before drinking.

Sweet but without the calories

This drink is ideal since it gives you that quick fix of it feeling sweet when it isn't packed full of sugar. The flavours from the chai spices are pungently tasty and made with milk is equally satisfying when filling the void between meals. I look forward to trying the rest in the range.

Really Good <3

Spicier than expected, which was a pleasant surprise <3

Addicted mummy

Rare find especially when have dairy allergy. Brought for myself and a Christmas gift. Was trying to make it last but I keep going back for more. Highly recommend

Absolutely lovely

I'd never come across powdered jasmine tea before and now I am obsessed with this tea. You can really taste and smell the jasmine, but in a harmonious, not overpowering way. Both enlivening and kind of soothing at the same time.


Subtle flavour, not too sweet. Comforting drink.

Really yummy

I gave this to my little one because I wanted to give a treat which wasn't full of sugar. This hit the spot and the response was that it was really tasty.

What a unique taste!

I am so happy to start my mornings with this tea! The blend is so, I would say refreshing. I really, relly, really suggest you to put this tes in your smoothie, the taste is devine and the citrus note makes it so different and exciting 👍🏼😍

Very good

Tea received, very good and tasty.
Good packaging with very well written instructions.
I took London Fog and I liked it.


I don’t know how can it be possibile that it taste so good without additional sugar! Amazing I love it all


Ho provato per caso e devo dire che questo the è veramente una sorpresa

good stuff

i enjoyed the hot white chocolate a lot, would totally recommend!

Tasted and Enjoyed

The teas are a real treat in cold and snow...thanks to Sweatcoin. Both the Earl grey and the Chai have amazing smells too, that makes the treat even better!

I highly recommend the tea. I got the black and green tea sample packages and the tea blends are really nice and fresh.

great in taste and smell

My favourites are Cape Town and Fruit tea. Chai seems quite spicy and sleeping beauty is mainly lavender rather than a mix with camomile. In general, good, full bodied teas

Definitely recommend, great packaging, great tea, got it as a present and they loved it.

Absolutely Lovely

This was my first purchase of loose leaf tea and I loved it! Flavours are incredibly well balanced as I will definitely be buying more before I run out!

Tasty and pretty drink

I cant really taste the beetroot, it tastes like orange favored dark chocolate. I like it, its delicious, easy to make and pretty. I feel like I'm in a fancy cafe every time I drink it. I can feel the powder in the final drink but its not bothering me.

Sample teas

I purchase different kind of samples and honestly I have no regrets. I love the variety of the tastes and can’t say I’m disappointed. Would recommend.


Come si fa a bere uno schifo del genere, ha un sapore di chimico osceno. Non lo consiglio e data l'esperienza avuta non comprerò più nulla.

Very good

The tea is very good, great taste and amazing smell, instructions are written very well on the package.
I took Early Grey.

Got it through a Sweatcoin promo, 100% recommend!