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Yummy Lattes

For someone that is looking something different. Fun and colourful, the kaytea superfoods lattes are great. Good flavour and tasty lattes!

Spiced Vanilla Chai
Deborah Edington

Love the spicy flavours. After trying this one and the turmeric orange I ordered white chocolate and beetroot amazing love them all I’m hooked

Golden Turmeric Orange
Deborah Edington

Amazing flavours


This is a really tasty drink and I love the toffee hint in it. Knowing it’s vegan is great too.

Spiced Vanilla Chai
michelle hewitt
Just lovely

This is really lovely. This is great for a cuppa in the afternoon. Tastes good hot or cold. I’ll be ordering this again.

good alternative to my coffee

got the beetroot and the white choc lattes. now trying the other lattes and ordered a big beetroot as I loved that one

Love them!

All of the flavours of latte are excellent, really impressed with the ease of making, quality of ingredients and the taste is delicious.

Lovely quality

I've stumbled across the jasmine tea powder by accident and it's a total game changer. It is great for tea flavoured desserts or even making your own bubble tea at home. Absolutely amazing!

love it

I live for chai, tea and latte alike and this has a wonderful
taste! I pair it with soy or rice milk! It also smells awesome. 🙂

love it

The taste is very good and it smells wonderful! Wish it would come in a giant pouch, would drink it every day... 😉 The only thing different is that it has a darker colour like a non white chocolate chocolate, not the light/cream colour what is on the pictures.

Really enjoyed these - lots of flavour, a little really goes a long way.

Great idea to sample different products

Glad I opted for the sample pack to try out a few of the flavours before purchasing. The beetroot and ginger is an acquired taste but I loved the white chocolate.

Spiced Vanilla Chai
Katalina Echeverria-Valda

Love the spiced vanilla chai!


I love it! Warming spicy golden milk. I've made golden milk before and the ingredients of this are similar so I'm happy to have found it.


Another level! Must order more! Scrumptious! Fragrant! Try this blend! I just gave the last bit i had to a friend who was amazed as I and will be ordering her own right now no doubt!

Sleeping Beauty
Devyani Garg
Lovely tea

Tried this tea at a friend's place and loved it so much that I went home and bought some for myself. A perfect bedtime tea.


I've been looking for a tea with roasted rice ever since I had some in a Japanese Restaurant in America, it's delicious.

Buddha Brew
I just wish it came in larger packets!

A great quality, softly flavoured green tea. I’ve never enjoyed green tea in the past but this delicate flavour is beautiful, I order several packets at a time.

Would recommend

Great tasting teas, some interesting flavours that I wouldn't normally choose but to my surprise, were delicious! Good way to try small amounts before committing to a large pack.


Wow, this is really delicious! Tastes like toffee and vanilla with a hint of cocoa. It doesn’t taste like normal white hot chocolate.. but I really like tea lattes so already knew it would taste different and not as sweet.. it’s lovely and comforting. 🙂

Milk frother and Latte flavours

I recently purchased a frother and two latte flavours which I'm really enjoying. The turmeric and orange latte is my favourite. Great product and friendly communication with shop team online.thank you

Lovely refreshing drink

Lovely drink. Very nice taste. Will defintely order again.

It unfortunately does not have any similarity to white chocolate my latte is a very dark brown too, it is more a hot chocolate substitute.

It’s not unpleasant but just not what I was expecting and hoping for. The shipping was super quick and the overall service has been great.

Fragrant & Smooth

This is quality Hojicha powder! I usually make Hojicha lattes with them and they turn out amazing. They’re aromatic and fragrant, but not bitter. One of the best that I’ve tried so far


Superb all round, arrived quickly and delicious fresh tasting long leaf tea.