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Lovely selection

Really enjoying the hot drinks I've tried from the selection box. There's something for everyone and there's a good range with several servings of each drink. A worthwhile investment for helping me through study days at home!

KAYTEA Intro Bundle
Antonia Keane
Love this pack!

Fantastic mix and wonderful quality. Loved this bundle. The only thing that really let it down is that it came with no instructions. It would have been nice to know how much blend VS water and/or mix is needed to make the drinks. It came with zero explanation which meant I had to go online to find out.
Also bought a friend a pack as a present. It didn’t look very much and the lack of info and packaging glitz meant it looked pretty mean. I don’t expect lots of packaging, I hate too much, but this looked a bit like a student project.


This little sachets are great! I only use a quarter teaspoon in my velvitiser and get a perfect delicious and nutritious latte. I highly recommend for when you crave that coffee shop caffeine fix without the sugar!

Spiced Vanilla Chai
Dharminder Randhawa

Delicious Chai & excellent customer service from Kevin

Tropical Temple
Paola Stratta
Very flavoursome and refreshing

I found this tea very unique and refreshing. It has notes of green tea and peach which match perfectly!

Tropical Temple
Karen Lyon
Tropical Temple

A nice refreshing , fruity tea with no nasty after taste.

Tasty - needs instructions!

These are really delicious, lasts a little while too- but only once you know how to make them. Little packets could do with instructions as I had to go to website to find out quantities

Quality tasty drinks

I tried the drinks out and I find them to be delicious. Rich in flavours. My favourite is the beetroot. Ordering was simple and prompt delivery. Perfect!

KAYTEA Intro Bundle
Grace Gilpin

Absolutely loved this selection, great to try teas that you probably wouldn't buy when you don't know if you'll like them. Fab selection of lattes too. Highly recommend.


A really nice alternative to the usual sugar filled hot chocolates. Love it and wish it was available in bigger packets.


I ordered the taster pack. I had tried some other brands before, but this is my favourite.
Packed with loads of flavour. Especially the Tumeric orange.

Deliciously delightful

Ordered the sample pack and delighted with the selection of drinks. Each one is utterly delicious - the Velvet Beetroot being my favourite. You can certainly taste all the different individual flavours that goes into making each drink.

The packs last a wee while too. Definitely value for money.

Makes a change from coffee

Ordered the sample pack just as the sun came back so have only tried the beetroot, which was lovely. Good taste, no grainy, powdery taste - looking forward to trying the others - perhaps as iced lattes??

Fabulous products beautifully presented

Still working my way through the selection but have loved everything I've tried so far. Love the packaging and variety, it's a real treat.


As a non coffee drinker and sugar free I'm always on the look out for something different to drink and this was a pleasant surprise. The colour is gorgeous (I have this with almond milk) with a beautiful flavour of chocolate & orange notes. Lovely. Don't let the name 'beetroot' put you off 😁

Great Matcha

As a non coffee drinker and sugar free I'm always on the look out for something different to drink and this was a pleasant surprise. The matcha is great quality with the lovely lemon notes.

Spiced Vanilla Chai
Evelyn Stevenson


Golden Turmeric Orange
Evelyn Stevenson

Very refreshing

Missing a bit of beetroot

Good feedback from customers but missing taste of beetroot. We taste more the orange than the beetroot


Good feedback from our cutomers. They really like it. They like it even better with coconut milk

Yummy Lattes

For someone that is looking something different. Fun and colourful, the kaytea superfoods lattes are great. Good flavour and tasty lattes!

Spiced Vanilla Chai
Deborah Edington

Love the spicy flavours. After trying this one and the turmeric orange I ordered white chocolate and beetroot amazing love them all I’m hooked

Golden Turmeric Orange
Deborah Edington

Amazing flavours


This is a really tasty drink and I love the toffee hint in it. Knowing it’s vegan is great too.

Spiced Vanilla Chai
michelle hewitt
Just lovely

This is really lovely. This is great for a cuppa in the afternoon. Tastes good hot or cold. I’ll be ordering this again.