Hojicha Powder (Roasted Green Tea)


Lightly roasted with notes of chestnut and caramel. Low caffeine.

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Hoji-what? Hojicha, is a delicious, stone-ground roasted green tea – a lesser known sister to traditional green tea matcha. The roasting process imparts a beautiful nuttiness much like a lightly roasted coffee with zero bitterness. Available all over Japan, it has finally made its way to Europe!  Our stone-ground Hojicha uses the entire tea leaf, and by ingesting the whole leaf, you get all the benefits of green tea. You can also use this powder to make amazing desserts.

We use real, finely grounded natural ingredients so they may not dissolve completely in your drink. As there are no artificial fillers, 50 grams make approximately 25 servings.

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Roasted Green Tea.

Flavour Notes: Lightly roasted with notes of chestnut and caramel.

Caffeine: Low.

Key Superfood Ingredients

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 1

For 12 oz latte: 1 teaspoon (~2g) of powder & 250mL milk.

50g pack makes up to 25 servings.

Lattes whisk powder with 30-50mL of hot water, and top up with heated or steamed milk (or alternative).  Mix well and sweeten to taste – enjoy hot or iced!

Smoothies blend 1 teaspoon of powder with water/milk/yogurt and ice. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables!

Baked Goods or Dessertsadd 1-2 teaspoons of powder to your batter. It works well in pancakes, waffle, and any cakes. You can also use it to make ice creams!





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Frequently Asked Questions

None of our drinks contain gluten but we are not gluten-free certified by Coeliac UK.

Yes, we only use plant-based ingredients. 

None of our range contains top 14 major allergens; though they are packed in a facility that handle allergens. Best efforts have been made to avoid cross-contamination. 

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Good quality and tastes very authentic.

Karl Yau
Delicious, authentic taste

I am very happy to finally have some Hojicha in an easy form to use for lattes and tea. The result is very similar to those in japanese cafes. I would describe the taste as a rich, caramel earthy flavour.

Sonia Zaame

Good feedback from our cutomers. They really like it. They like it even better with coconut milk

Fragrant & Smooth

This is quality Hojicha powder! I usually make Hojicha lattes with them and they turn out amazing. They’re aromatic and fragrant, but not bitter. One of the best that I’ve tried so far